Options, upgrades and included features on a new home

The #1 questions that I would hear almost every single day, from someone walking into the model home was, “How much does this model home cost EXACTLY as it is?”

Most people who walk into a model home, think that they want their new home just like the model home. If the salesperson quotes the total sales price including all of the upgrades that are in the home, most people will think this price is unaffordable.

Many people feel that if they purchase a new home and don’t get all of the options or upgrades that are in the model home, that they won’t like their new home.

What most people don’t realize is that there are so many options that are in the model homes, that many purchasers don’t even want. One example of this is the intercom system. Although a lot of people like this, some will not spend approximately $1400 for this feature. Others will purchase a system on their own, after they move into the home.

The model homes usually have a very high quality of carpet. This is due to all of the traffic that comes through the model homes, day in and day out. If you prefer a good quality of carpet, many times the 1st or 2nd upgrade is sufficient. In addition, an upgrade padding underneath the carpet will do wonders for the feel and wear of the carpet. This is relatively inexpensive, compared to the highest upgrade of carpet.

Most of the time, there is hardwood in the model homes. Although hardwood is a desirable feature, there are usually a few variations of hardwood options. A 3″ hardwood is very attractive, but also can be expensive, compared to a 1″ hardwood.

Many times there are builder incentives that may reduce the sales price.

The builder may include a certain amount of free upgrades when you purchase a new home. This will allow you to get some of the options that you really want, without increasing the price.

Sometimes the builder may include a free finished lower level in your new home, for example. Depending on the type of home, this can run anywhere from a $5000-$12,500 savings. Or there can be an option that is included for the community, such as an upgraded garden bath.

The best thing to do is to sit down with the sales representative, to go over all of the features that are included in your new home home, as well as features that you would like in your home. Your “dream home,” may be more affordable than you even realized!

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