What our clients are saying…

Client Testimonials

It was very clear to us, right from the start, that you were on our team with regard to this life-changing event. We appreciate all that you have done for us and look forward to seeing you again. Chris R.

Gail you are terrific. Your customer service skills are excellent. you are always ready to help and you take pride in your job. Delon T.

Thanks for all of your hard work with us. You were one of the main reasons we bought this condo. You know a lot about the product and the company. Arlene W.

Gail is awesome! From the day we walked into the sales office until well after we were handed keys to our new home, Gail remained by our side and on our side. She always kept us well informed and always stayed two steps ahead on any inquiry we may have had. Gail is to us a friend, not simply the woman who has worked with us to purchase our new home. She was pleasant and got to know us as individuals, not simply to lead a sale. I must say that it is because of Gail that we worked so hard to make this happen. Candace C.

2 thoughts on “What our clients are saying…

  1. We’re first time home buyer and if not for Gail, it wouldnt be easy for us to purchase our new home. Gail is indeed an asset to the Ryland Company. She was there for us from the time we set foot to the community to view the models up to the time we settled in our new house. We felt so comfortable with her, she’s so genuine. We’re so fortunate to have her as our advisor. Thank you Gail because we really love our new place.

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