Which Home Builder has a better value?

When you are looking to purchase a brand new home, the largest purchase that you probably will ever make, of course you are looking for a good value. A lot of people think that they want the least expensive home in the area, but is this really what you want?

Of course you want a good price for you new home. But maybe what you really want is a great value for the features that you are looking for in you home and homesite (lot).

Maybe there are 3 different home builders that are all selling homes in the same location that you are considering to live in, and you just look at the one that has the “cheapest” price. You may not be getting the best value for what you are looking for.

Lets assume that all 3 builders have homes that are very similar in size. Builder “A,” has a base price of $300,000 for the homes that they are selling. Builder “B,” has a base price of $303,490, and Builder “C,” has a base price of $305,990. 

If you are looking only at the price of the new home, you may not even visit Builders “B” and “C”. Builder “B” may be including a fireplace and hardwood floors. Builder “C” may be including a garage at their base price.

Maybe you are looking to get a fireplace in your home. If you choose to go with the home builder who has the lowest base price, you may in fact be paying a higher price, once you add the cost of the fireplace to the base price of the home.

If you didn’t care about a garage for your car, but really need extra storage space, for example, Builder “C,” that includes the garage may cost less than paying for an attic with stairs or adding an extra room that you would use as storage.

Sometimes the location of your new home is more important than the sqaure footage of the home.. Maybe you entertain often, and need a home that has a lot of off street parking for your guests. Or maybe you like gardening and need a nice side or rear yard to plant flowers etc. Sometimes this home may cost a little more, than another home, but mat be a better value to you.

When buying a new home, value and cost may not always go hand in hand. It really depends on what is important to you and to your lifestyle. Before choosing not to visit one builder due to their higher base price, think about what you really need in your home. Why not see what they are offering in their homes? You may be surprised to find out that their homes may be the bet value for you!

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